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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Sounds like you're more interested in an ideal, that of fresh personnel (lets not consider a simple scouting position as management lol) then the idea of efficiency and reality.
it's very probable that the pro hockey community is not that large and that most teams keep "shuffling the deck", like most other domains in this world.
i don't know the motives nor do i know the outcome. All i know is JM has experience, and that's always good for something. Being negative at this point just exposes personal vendettas certain people have for having had to watch "so much boring hockey" over last 2 years.
I don't have any personal vendetta against JM. I think he was fired unfairly and inappropriately, but he was fired for being out of touch and losing too many games, this whole habs regime has been terrible, we need a fresh start and the only way to get that start is to disassociate all the current brass from the team, including JM. His style, his coaching and the players he finds attractive are my concerns, and the fact this boys club never changes, we just move the chairs around the deck until we sink. They all need to go, not just JM.

We don't need help finding Mathieu Darche/Tommy Pyatt/ Scott Gomez, there are plenty of these players that nobody wants. We don't need JM helping us find them.

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