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Originally Posted by brah View Post

So much wrong with this post.

Guess you don't remember the 06/07 team, or the first playoff team in 03/04? Those teams put the Nashville Predators on the map. This team was here before suter and weber and they'll be here after.

5 years will not be the end of their careers.
Yeah common sense says they were on the map as a team. This team has never had the respect and attention it currently has. Show me 06/07-03/04 were we had more respect, followers, attention. Lets see proof on wins/loses and local support numbers.
I guess you forgot this team was almost gone during the times you mentioned.

I never said careers were over after 5 years. I said that imo webs/suts/peks are in their prime and the team with all the pieces has a window to capitalize and that window imo is 5 years. You think we have a better shot with Webs/Suts/Peks in their late 30's?
Ill be waiting for the "correct post"

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