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12-21-2005, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Polska
I've recently made the transition to ice from roller hockey. Skating on ice actually feels more natural than on roller blades, but I have one major problem: I CAN'T STOP!!

No matter how hard I try to do a hockey stop and how much I practice (I've been to about 4 two hour free skate sessions to practice only stopping) I can't get it. I can do very sharp turns and when I try to do a hockey stop I just do a very sharp jerking like turn and sometimes end up spinning around. I don't slide scrapping the ice like everyone else.

I think its because the way you do a hockey stop in roller is so much different than in ice. Anyone have any pointers? Anyone ever find themself in a similar position? How long did it take you to get it?
On rollerblades you do a quick turn to stop...I had to teach many of my friends how to do the transition to ice, so this is a subject I am pretty knowledgeable about.

Luckily I have a backyard rink to teach them, or I wouldn't have the patience otherwise lol.

Remember when you stop on ice you glide your blades along the ice, then dig in.

The front skate is what you will be stopping on, and the back skate is more or less there to support you. So concentrate on digging in with that front skate..putting all of your weight on to it as you stop, then shifting the weight to your back foot to balance yourself.

If you fall over, you are most likely not shifting your weight properly as I mentioned above.

Just practice the steps in slow motion. Take 3-4 strides at a moderate pace, then turn your skates and slowly stop yourself.

Watch as many hockey games as you can and watch how the players close attention to how they turn their skates and shift their balance. You can see this pretty well on instant replays.

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