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Originally Posted by The Dark Passenger View Post
I recently got new skates for Christmas, and used them for the first time this past weekend. I switched from my old Bauer Supreme one70s to Bauer Vapor X3.0 LEs and while skating is fine, when I am standing in them, I feel like all of my weight is being held up on my first metatarsal (inside of foot), which is pretty painful.

Is this normal when switching from the Supreme line to the Vapor line? Or will this go away once their broken in? I got them baked when I got them. I only skate once a week anyways, so not really a big deal, just curious. Thanks for any help.

EDIT: New skates are the same size as the old ones.
I'm experiencing the same thing after recently moving to a pair of X30 Vapors. More so in my right foot. Even though i had them baked i think they just need to be broken in more. I've kept my lower laces a little less tight than the top ones and it has seemed to help.

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