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11-06-2003, 05:29 PM
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Oilers report card

Wow, some shoddy defensive work tonight, but they came away with a point. In a game like this you take the point but I hope they realize they keep on playing like that on the road the rest of the trip will be a long one.

Bergeron - Again I worry a lot about his play in his own zone and sorry but I really don't think he provides enough offensively to make up for his guffaws yet.

Brewer - Good game for him. He made some nice passes and some good defensive play. Yes he made some errors but a much better effort all around.

Cross - Like most of the defense struggled a few times without the puck but he was one of the few when pressured will put the puck off the boards. But there were a few times when he too tried the miracle pass up the middle.

Dvorak - He struggled at times with errant passes but made some good plays and man I am starting to think he is cursed.

Ferguson - Made one bad giveaway but other than that I never noticed him. Good sign.

Hemksy - Simply awful tonight and after a bad giveaway I yelled for him to get off the ice and he never saw the ice again. Nice to see MacTavish listen to me.

Horcoff - Another player benched, blech! Maybe Chimera draws in and Horcoff sits in the press box. Pick your evil, but I figure Chimera will be hungry again.

Isbister - Hope he's ok after having his bell rung by Chara after a suicide pass. Played gritty.

Moreau - What a game! I have loved Moreau all season and maybe Kevin Lowe knew what he was doing when he signed him this season. Many questioned that decision.

Pisani - Nice too see the local guy start producing like he did late last year. Gotta love it.

Reasoner - Quietly just racking up the points and playing well defensively. Also very good on the draw again this evening.

Salo - Made one bad giveaway and had one save where yes he should have made the catch, but also saved 3 breakaways and numerous other excellent scoring opportunities.

Smith - He made a couple of mistakes but again was the most solid dman for the Oil tonight. Again threw a couple of big hits.

Smyth - I am starting to wonder if he is playing with an injury. Had one great opportunity set up by Brewer but otherwise he had been very unsmytty like.

Staios - His worst game of the year, he actually scared me this evening. I can't count how many times he gave the puck away tonight. Could have atoned a little in overtime but the goaltender anticipated that pass.

Torres - He was gritty, he created chances, he had a breakaway. Good game.

York - Wasn't one of his best efforts offensively but was fine defensively.

Salmelainen - Had a couple of great chances and used his speed.

Sarno - Good game, especially defensively. He may not create every night but he is not going to hurt you on the other end of the ice which is what may keep him in the NHL.

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