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What width of skate did you buy? By the sounds of it, you have purchased skates that may be a little too narrow for your feet. A LOT of people completely disregard the width of their foot when buying skates. For shoes, it usually isn't a big deal but skates fit much snugger and don't break in as easily.

I have dealt with pain in the sides of me feet (although mine are the outside, opposite of the arch) since 14 or 15 years old. I have to buy "E" width skates. "D" is the standard size if I'm not mistaken.

You may want to look at buying some insoles for skates that are more forgiving in the arch area? I don't have a clue about this.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
If it's pain right in front of the arch and behind the ball of the foot, I had that when my skates were too narrow. I had them stretched/punched and they've been perfect ever since. It's a possibility at least. Hopefully more people chime in.
This is probably your best bet. While punching/stretching will mess with the foundation and stiffness of the boot, you can't keep playing with that pain.

You can try some different skate tying techniques. You can make it tight in the toes and ankles while making it snug (not super tight) in the middle of your foot. I've never really mastered this... Always feels like my foot is moving around a bit unless I have them tight all the way through.

If this pain is still around after 4 or 5 ice times, you should consider buying another pair of skates because it isn't going to get better. It sucks forking out more cash but foot pain while playing hockey can really take your enjoyment out of the game... nevermind hindering your performance. If you bite the bullet, make sure you have a knowledgeable employee fit you. The old guys in hockey shops usually know their stuff... they live for this game . Tell him your exact problem... you aren't alone!


EDIT: ALL SKATE BRANDS/MODELS fit a bit differently.

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