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01-10-2012, 12:54 PM
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I like him. Personally I didn't understand this board before he came here. Most posters were going nuts and expecting him to be Saddam Hussein kind of a dictator, they thought that what the players needed was a whip, they said DS is a rude coach who will be yelling all the time. I objected to all those assumptions, but I was almost alone.

Most of all I objected to those who said that DS is not a good choice because Kings need someone opposite to TM. Their argument was that they are both defensively minded. My opinion was that they ARE opposite, but not when it comes to style of play. They are opposite when it comes to style of COACHING. And in my opinion, that was what Kings needed most.

He is able to motivate players better than TM and contrary to popular opinion, he has been doing it almost entirely by encouraging them, he doesn't let ANYTHING positive go unnoticed. He also let's player know about what they are doing wrong and where they should be better. But he does that part in the locker room only and nothing leaves that room.

To me it was interesting what Sutter said yesterday, that he talked to Kopitar about improving certain parts of his game, not necessarily offense. But when he was asked to specify what parts of game, he refused to do so. He treats the team as a family and he wants certain things to stay in family.

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