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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post

In 2009-2010 between the regular season, playoffs, and Olympics Halak played more and won more than Price or any other goaltender for that matter. All the while keeping his name in MVP discussions in each category.

If Price is a tank, Halak is a nuclear sub.
There is a big difference between playing a full NHL season as a Goalie, and playing half the year+PO+Oly.

The traveling in the NHL during the season is unique. Going from St-Louis down to the East coast, back to the West, changing time zones, playing back to back games or 3 games in a week with travel times. It's all very different.

The Olympic, yes, the level of skill is higher, but there's no travel. Once you're there, you don't have to waste any more time with long flights.
In the POs, intensity is much higher, so is adrenaline, but you also have a lot less travel.
POs are irrelevant however because they are not the Regular Season, the situation is different. Not only that, but playing 45ish games during the season + x PO Games does not equal 70+ Regular Season games + x PO games.
Getting to the POs with about 10-15 less games of hockey in the body makes a difference.

In any event, I'm not discrediting Halak's year. That was a phenomenal year, one he's unlikely to ever repeat. But let's not pretend like Halak has ever played a full NHL year. He hasn't done it yet. Doesn't mean he won't be able to too, just that he hasn't done it yet.

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