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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Of course you would filter out playoffs and Olympics, because those really weren't important games eh mythteller?
Why would I factor other types of games when I'm looking at only the regular season?

But just to make you happy and not make it appear like I'm making myths.

Halak in 70 games including playoffs and olympics had .54 winning%
Price in 79 games including playoffs had .52 winning %.

I'd still take Price in this instance, because 72 regular season games is just impressive and he looks to be doing it again this season. Olympics is meh considering it doesn't make your nhl team better, considering they are played with a completely different roster against completely different teams.

Also, I still don't consider them the same because by the time Halak played his first playoff game he had played only 52 games(regular season+olympics), while Price had played 72 games by the time game 1 of the playoffs came around, so they aren't entirely comparable, which is why I still think Price's feat of 72 games in a regular season while maintaining a .52 winning% is more impressive, than a 45 game regular season with a .57 winning %. But keep saying I'm myth making because it doesn't make Halak sound as impressive as you want him to sound(that doesn't mean I think that what he did that season wasn't impressive, but that won't stop you from saying otherwise).

Also I don't see how I was myth making when the original poster you what beef with was talking about the Price's ability to have played an entire nhl season. So I compared seasons. I don't see why this is troubling for you. I guess it doesn't fit you agenda of "Price isn't that good anyway" that you've been on for three years now.

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