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01-10-2012, 05:13 PM
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Please Read

I would like to preface this by saying it is not directed towards every single poster on this forum, though everyone is certainly expected to follow the site rules

We have tried to maintain a forum here where passionate discussion and debate is allowed. There is much more leeway given on this forum than on any of the neutral boards, and, honestly, we are more liberal with how we moderate this forum than a lot of the other team forums. With that said, lately it seems as though that leeway is being abused more and more. We do not want to have to start cracking down on your ability to discuss your opinions openly without fear of receiving infractions, thread bands, etc, but you cannot take advantage of that. Familiarize yourselves with the site rules. If you see posts that violate those rules, report them (if you do not know how to report, it is the icon below the user's location and post count information). Read your posts carefully. If you notice that something is against the rules, remove it before a moderator has to so you can stay out of trouble. If you are unsure, stay on the safe side by removing it and PMing one of us so that we can clarify.

I am locking this thread so that it does not turn into a place to accuse anyone in particular. If we see you accusing specific posters elsewhere it will be looked at as flaming and/or trolling. Consider this your warning, and do not be surprised if you are not given extra warning in the future.

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