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11-06-2003, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog
my point was that im sick and tired of macT stiffling offensive players because they might not be great defensivly or might not get constant pressure....
That's an understatement.. Smyth/Hemsky were absolutely terrible defensively today! I would be extremely disapointed in MacT if he turned around and rewarded Hemsky + Smyth for playing -3 hockey.. I agree with someone else who mentioned that the lesson Hemsky learns today from not seeing ice time in the last couple minutes is worth even more than a potential extra point.

Originally Posted by jadeddog
it just shows macT's thinking about the game.... better to try and not lose than try and win... i personally cant stand it anymore
How was MacT trying simply to not lose? He had four freaking fowards out there for much of the OT! If he was just trying to get the tie he would have had Moreau, Reasoner, Cross and Brewer out there the whole OT. He was certainly going for the win tonight.. just because you disagree with his coaching decision in the last minute doesn't mean his entire philosophy is, as you put it, a "joke" ..

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