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11-06-2003, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by fredez
Iginla vs Ribeiro, Rivet, Zednik, 2nd Rounder

Ribeiro-Young promising prospect that is tied for best pointer on a struggling team

Zednik-Young player that is improving over the years. Can score 30 goals.

Rivet-Has a good trade value around the league. Stay at home defenseman.

2nd round pick-If I was the GM I'll probably try to go for a 1st round pick

I save 2,4M$ and I have two new young guns in the team and a reliable 5/6 Defenseman for depth and I have a considerably good pick in exchange of a player that I have to get rid of or I'll have to lose other players.)
Ribeiro - Talented young player who struggled to be more than a fringe NHLer in his first two seasons, had a hot streak in the beginning of the season and isn't doing much lately.

Zednik - Player in his prime who is currently struggling to find the net. Can score 30 goals.

Rivet - Struggling defenseman who can be a servicable #4-5 but is clearly overpaid.

I save 2.4M$ this season and I have an unproven player and a winger who struggles but can score 30 goals. I have a reliable defenseman who ends up on the third pairing at 2.5M$ + on a cheap budget. I also lose a ton of money in marketing and star power in losing Iginla, clearly an established star in the league who helps selling tickets and I can pay his salary with a better canadian $.

Originally Posted by fredez
Primeau vs Perreault, Dackell, 3rd Rounder
Primeau has been on the decline for the past three years. He is now a 40-45 pointer.

Perreault-Steady 20+ goals scorer. Tied for best pointer on a struggling team.

Dackell-Steady 30 pointers, got 50 on a stronger team. Very reliable defensively

3rd round pick-Always good to have more picks

I'll do that deal. I lose some size but get more points and I'm better defensively.
Primeau is the captain on the Flyers and is overpaid a bit yes and can 50 points.

Perreault - overpaid 2-tool center on a flyers team that doesn't need more center and loves big physical player. Will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Dackell - Can score 30 points, has been on the decline, still a valuable defensive forward but overpaid for what he brings to the table. Not worth much more than the 8th rounder it took to acquire him.

3rd round pick - Nothing much to say here

I don't do this deal since I lose my captain for players I simply don't need.

Originally Posted by fredez
Roy vs Audette, 6th Rounder
Audette-Struggling forward who needs a better playmaker and a big winger/center to help him put up numbers again. Could pull a Czerkwaski.

6th rounder-Always good to have mroe picks

Roy-4th line player that gone could make place for Svitov or Semorruvi(sp)
Audette - Overpaid underachieving scoring winger, he doesn't bring much more than scoring which he failed to deliver in the last two years, he is currently a pathetic second line option. No value.

6th rounder - To take audette you better send me a better pick! :p

Roy - Enough talent to play a regular shift, can take bonehead penalties but still a proven NHLer and tough guy, fan favorite and great team player. I don't have any enforcer on my team as Dingman is called the ''hugging bear'' here in Tampa Bay since he can't fight effectively because of a poor balance when fighting.

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