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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
Plus equipment is ludicrously expensive here, enough to really price people out of playing and there's not much of a second-hand market for the budget player.
I've done well with my equipment, had to buy it over the course of a year since that outlay in one go was a non starter, but got it all now, and a lot of it came from abroad.

Skates - purchased at a Canadian Tire, back when the exchange rate was 1=$2, cost 60
Gloves - sized up locally then went on ebay, new gloves for 50 inc shipping and taxes.
Got knee and elbow pads (supreme one90s) fo 60 combined on ebay including shipping and taxes.
Helmet & Chest/Shoulder pads and a basic stick, I got new from the Ice Arena in Nottingham, think it cost me 110 in total.
Shorts/Pants, socks, bag, composite stick, 2 rolls of stick tape and a roll of sock tape for around 120, shorts were 2nd hand.
Picked up warrior long pant 'nut hut' in a sale a website was having for around 25inc postage.

so it cost me around 430 to get kit, obviously I could have got more stuff 2nd hand, but my original timeline to start playing was last summer so I didn't expect to have as much time to shop around, then I got made redundant, had to wait until now to get started.

I think as an 'adult' you could probably get full kit for around 300-350 if you shop around.

Also I was planning on getting a few more sticks from Canada, but the guy I was going to buy off decided to quote $350 shipping for a pair of sticks.

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