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01-10-2012, 08:36 PM
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Is there really a correct skating style?

So today, I decided to go and take a quick briefing with a skating instructor who decomposed my skating stride/style and effectiveness...

in short, he wants me to have a constant deep knee bend, with legs wider apart even when not striding. Its like I'm hunched over ready to take a stride, even when I'm gliding and when I turn, my feet are wide and constantly apart like railroad tracks.

now, I get what he's saying... but I come from a different background where I still keep a knee bend, but will bring my feet almost all the way together... giving me a very long stridge to full extention, where as the way he wants me to skate are what I almost think are "abreviated" strides as my feet are well beyond my shoulder width.

based on just what he told me, and what I tried... I must admit, I feel more sturdy on the forward cross overs... it also works well for transitions and even backwards crossovers, though it takes alot more effort to recover the inside leg.

I dunno... I know this guy knows his skating, but so did my coach in the day, and is this "constant" churning of the legs and railroad wide legs really the right way to skate most effectively?

I was just hoping to get my strides stronger, where I can just push 3-4 times and be able to haul full speed into the opposing 1/3rd... not this

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