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12-22-2005, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by ClawinAtcha
I totally understand where you are coming from. I transitioned to ice hockey at 18 after playing roller hockey since I was 15. It took me a while to learn how to stop, and it took until I was 20 to finally skate well enough to make the club team at my college.

Don't worry if it's slowly coming even after eight hours on the ice! It will come and when it does you will wonder how you ever stopped on wheels.

The first thing I would do when I got on the ice (to practice) would be to go over and hold the boards (I know this sounds gay) and push my blade out along the ice away from the boards, just to get the feel for how much I needed to dig in. Then I would turn the other way and do the same thing with the other foot.

Like the poster above me described, try stopping after taking a few short, soft strides to do it at slow speed. I used to go inbetween the red line and the blue line, facing the same side of the rink to practice one foot on the red line and the other on the blue line. Don't be surprised if you learn how to stop on one side and then it might take you a little while longer to get used to it on the other side! I'm right side dominant, so it was easier at first for me to stop on my right side. Interestingly, later on I still noticed that if I stopped left foot in front, I was digging in on the inside of my right foot to back it up!

One more tip... wearing pads will help you when you are learning. I know it may sound stupid to some, but wearing pads will help you to be more confident if you are holding back from trying to stop at higher speeds. I say this because I noticed that I learned how to stop a lot more quickly by playing pickup hockey, because I was wearing pads and so I was more fearless about falling and potentially breaking/tearing something. So try to play some pickup hockey or wear hockey pants and knee pads to the free skate.

You are doing the right thing by getting out there as often as possible.

Skate, skate, skate! You will get it with practice.

Great post.
I Captian a beginner team in my beer league and most of the new guys I get are making their switch from roller to ice. If you've ever down hill skied the best way to describe the hockey stop is to pretend your skiing.
I spent a good 30 minuets trying to explain it to one of my guys with no luck, then suddenly I asked if he had ever been skiing and with that he picked it up instantly. Ice is forgiving! the ice will give before your ankles.
Good luck

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