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12-22-2005, 02:02 PM
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LOL this is indeed a problem even for guys who usualy play ice hockey. I played JuniorA and durring the summer I played in a friendly roller hockey league organized by Martin Brodeur's borther in montreal (played against Martin Brodeur in that league...he played forward and was the best player in the league...just thought I slip this in )

Anyway when I'd go back to ice hockey I couldnt stop either. Altho since I had the experience I took about 15-20 of intense Braking exercises to get to do it properly. And even then I woundnt be natural durring the first 3-4 games and nearly killed my self a few times chasing the puck down the ice...and not having the confidence to break..and just running in to the boards nearly full speed(losing my breath and looking like an idiot in the process).

I think It has alot to do with confidence and it feels counter intuitve at first. What I basicaly did was do a verry small jump (not really a jump but more like take all the weight of the skates, like keetz said..its kinda like skiing) and go straight to a 90 degree angle to my current direction and absorbe with my knees. What you think will happen is you'll break your ankles or topple over but it wont happen. Just repeat this over and over far from the boards so you arent worried about falling. And you should be ok. The thing that causes all the problems is the initial urge to turn, its a programed reflex and hard to get rid of.

I hope this helps. I can only imagine how hard this must be. I was on ice skates nearly 180 days in a year and 15 days on rollerblades and I had trouble going back to ice skates. GL!

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