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Originally Posted by B-rock View Post
This is a good solution. It's pretty clear Serge2k hasn't watched any hockey apart from the Canucks. If he did he'd realize all teams go on losing streaks and periods of not playing up to their potential. No team wins every game 5-0 to finish off the season at 82-0.
Please. Of course. Can we address the issue about the kind of effort they put in game after game? It is possible to do this while acknowledging that their are human and that it is a long season, yadda yadda yadda.

This is not an isolated incident. Again, go back and read the PGT's. We can all agree posters like MS and orcatown offer reasonable accounts of the game - and if you look back, even taking out October, most of them aren't pretty. CCF, I'm pretty sure I made this point to you about the 6-0 Colorado win before.

Let's put it this way - we can waltz through the regular season like Washington the last couple years and then get ambushed in the playoffs. We would have a good record on the surface, but it would all be smoke and mirrors.

The time is now to get this team to grow and evolve. I think one of the scariest thoughts for me right now is that this is the same team as last year, except we have better personnel here and there. But throughout this season, we play the same game and make the same mistakes that cost us the SCF game after game. We don't look like we are becoming more mentally resilient or versatile in the way we choose to play. I can observe these things in the way they play regardless of the final score.

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