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11-06-2003, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by elphy101
Marian Gaborik who is easily the better player and coming out of the same contract situation signed for a little over 3 Million per season. Comrie and his agent are not idiots, there is no way they would be asking for that kind of money.
Gaborik easily the better player? Here is Mr Sakich's analysis as posted in the thread Gaborik Signs.
"lets compare the seasons that comrie has had vs gaborik

rookie year 2000-20001
Gaborik - 71 gms, 36 pts, -6, 0.507 ppg
Comrie - 41 games, 22 pts, +6, 0.536ppg

conclusion - same points per game, Comrie had a better year due to much better plus minus

2nd Year 2001-2002
Gaborik 78 games, 67 pts, 0+/- 0.859 ppg
Comrie 82 games, 60 pts, +16, 0.731 ppg

conclusion - Gaborik scored 7 more points but was on the ice for 23 more goals against. Pretty darn close

3rd Year
Gaborik 81 games, 65 pts, +12
Comrie (on pace before broken arm)82 games, 68 points, -10

conclusion - Comrie scored a few more points but Marion had the better +/-, Pretty darn close

In summary, I f I am Comrie's agent, I ask for the identical contract. He has put up similar numbers and shown leadership. Comrie has a career high of 33 goals, Marianne's is 30 goals. Pretty darn close."