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01-10-2012, 11:19 PM
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[QUOTE=Whitesnake;42280039]Not a bad point. Didn't see it like this. Yet, it's tough to believe that a guy who didn't have a team AT ALL September 24th, would be worth even a 3rd at the deadline day. Pretty sure there would be other options than him. But Gauthier is indeed in panic mode. Which makes me think that it's better to have something than to be stick with him. Reason why I like the deal. But your point is not entirely bad. You do have the feeling that Gauthier does not weigh in all his options. Even in the Halak vs Price debate. Everybody knows that Gauthier and Co didn't even take the time to see what was the market for Price. You might like a guy very much but WHAT IF a team overpays a whole lot? Could you just settle for letting him go but understanding that you might have lost the best guy, but you end up with the best team?

Anyway, I feel secure with a 4th round pick as far as Gauthier is concerned. Pretty sure there is no outpaid and washed up vet out there we could have for a 4th round pick. But if we would have had a 2nd or 3rd....then I would have been nervous....[/QUOT

why did goat sign campoli in the first place-- this whole management team is like its team --
not very good--i wouldnt have them within a 100 miles of the team or phones--its shocking how goofy molsons would let any of these clowns make trades

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