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01-10-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
see, I'm actually fine with getting a pick for a player we had no use for... so in that sense, no big deal.

but as I'm always contending, the key to being a good GM, and the key to being an elite franchise, is asset management.

wether it's a struggling veteran or a 5th round pick, any time you make a roster move, you want to be either
A- getting a quality/premium return for your asset
B- getting an asset that fills a specific need so well that an even or "loss" in the return is ok.

Gauthier, and Gainey before him, simply does not get enough value out of his assets, and while it may be a "small" asset, as wise grannies say "pay attention to your nickels and dimes, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

fixing your mistakes is the sign of a good GM...

unlike our track record of ignoring mistakes or cutting them lose at a loss, he went out and got a serviceable expiring contract veteran in exchange for his bad contract.

Imagine if Gainey had been that good... two months into Gomez's time here, he was doing nothing for us, everyone preached patience, and look where we are now.

imagine if Gainey had traded him for some other veteran C whose contract ran out at the end of the '09 season?
Totally a different subject. Whoever I quoted said PG was bad because he was trading Campoli for less then he was traded for last year.

Rutherford isn't a bad GM but traded Kaberle for the same. Less than last year.

I'd prefer a draft pick over an expiring vet too.

Not saying PG is good, but this isn't the type of deal to attack.

On the same note, it looks like this should get locked. But I'm not fluent in French, so hopefully a mod than read it can get this locked, plus I'm on my phone.

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