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01-11-2012, 01:23 AM
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I had this problem with a pair of my skates (CCM) and once i had skated in them a few times i didn't experience it anymore, the question you have to ask yourself is:

Is it caused by friction? (example: they are loosely tied and thus grinding back and forth on your foot).

Is it to small? (example: it is a constant pressure there whether ur actually skating or not)

I had this exact problem where it was nagging behind the big toe but beneath my arch, i have a pretty high arch and chances are you do aswell.

I think having a high arch highlights that exact area, i've tried on both Supreme Ones and Vapors and i had the exact opposite experience of what your having. The Supreme's felt terribly snug and i didn't want to buy them because i was afraid of having troubles in the exact same spot as ur describing.

When i tried on the Vapors however they felt alot looser and higher in that area.

I usually wear a 7, the Supreme was 7,5 and Vapor an 8. So the Vapor did have half a size advantage but Supreme's still felt really snug.

Hope the problem is as simple as breaking them in.

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