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01-11-2012, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Verviticus View Post
downie is one of three legitimately intimidating players because he is liable to snap at some point and literally murder someone on the ice without them expecting it

like he's completely insane and homicide isnt outside his realm if really pushed that far
I agree. Heavyweights don't intimidate because evryone knows they don't have to fight them. Downie won't ask you to fight, he'll just sucker punch you. He doesn't care if you're Jason Blake...

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I dunno about Downie. I'd like him on the team but not at the cost of Schneider. You need someone with a greater upside to justify the swap. Downie is a good compliment - but that's all he is. If it's Tampa it's gotta be Connolly IMO.
Steve Ott is a compliment too. Those players can be very valuable, especially in the playoffs when penalties are down.

Connolly's injury hostory would worry me. He's also not as likely to help over the next couple years when the Canucks should be at their peak.

Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
Plus, if he's that loose of a cannon why the hell would we want him?
Because though he takes a lot of penalties he also draws a TON as well. Usually draws more than he takes. When your PP is #1 in the league...

Look where he played all night. If he wasn't trying to run guys over in the corner he was parked in front of the net. The Canucks generate a lot of shots from the blueline - having guys to play the Holmstrom role is important. Downie would likely find a home there on the 2nd PP unit and as a pass first player should help get Cody more shots.

The other advantage to carrying Downie is it makes it less of a need to ice a fighter on the 4th line. Should make it easier to ice a quality 4th line.

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