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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Over the last 3 years he's put his team on the PP more than the PK. Considering the Canucks special teams are stronger than their 5 on 5 play I think Downie's discipline issues get cancelled out here.

Not to mention the more penalties he takes the less the rest of the team get. Refs are always looking to 'even up' penalty calls for both teams.
Not that I don't believe you but I'd love to take a look at those numbers.

I was a big supporter of Downie before this season but I'm not so sure anymore and I definitely wouldn't want to part with Schnieder for him. Although he is a willing combatant I don't think he is that good of a fighter. Also, he seems more of a shoot first guy to me more than a pass first which the team already has a ton of.

In regards to 'even up' calls, I disagree. This team has already had trouble with penalties and bringing in someone as bad a history as Downie would increase the teams penalties ten-fold. We saw how the refs started to call penalties on Burrows, Kesler and LaPierre during the playoffs because of their past history of embellishing or dirty plays. You think the refs would start calling more pps in favour of the Canucks if they acquired Downie? I'm not so sure.. no offense, kind of sounds like backwards thinking to me.

I think the biggest reason why this team got past Chicago and was about to get by Boston was because they stayed within themselves. The team focused on their skill rather than on toughness. Don't get me wrong, they played tough whistle to whistle but limited themselves after the whistle and basically played their game.

If Downie is acquired, this team most definitely would have to bring in a goon to clean up the havoc that he and all of our other pests on the team would create. You can't expect Downie to fight a guy like Lucic or Thornton in Boston without the momentum swaying on their side because of a lost fight.

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