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11-06-2003, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by cram
You guys seem to be missing the point, NOBODY will be allowed to float because of their talent, skill, all he is trying to do is teach these guys to work hard all game long, whether your name is Ethan Moreau or Ales Hemsky, wtf is it with this gibberish, this team will go NOWHERE without hard work and kudos to MacT for having the BALLS to piss some of you off with his choice, so what if he tried BG and Dopita last year, it backfired, high risk high reward, no?? What message does he send to the hard workers who are earning there keep if he puts all the skill that hasn't earned dick all during the game, WORSE, what message is he sending the skilled guys by rewarding them after floating all game. If you float at your job, does your boss promote you because you have skill and talent but aren't using it adequately, HELL NO, he fires ypur ass, so keep your pants on and realize what he is trying to do, he is not trying to lose games, he is trying to develop a squad that gives it their very best from line 1-4.
So you're saying that the top line dogged it tonight?? They played badly but they sure didn't lolly-gag around.

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