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01-11-2012, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I doubt he's having that much trouble with "everyday activities". As I said earlier, he was seen getting on an airplane earlier today according to one of my friends from Temple... He actually posed for a picture w/ my friend and several other guys @ the airport. Here's one that made it's way to twitter:

My friend asked him how he was doing and if there was a chance we'd see him in the playoffs and he Pronger smiled, winked, and walked away, so take it for what it's worth...

Everyone needs to keep calm and quit saying his career is over when they have no clue / no information.

Could Pronger's career / season be over? Sure, both could be over.

There is also a chance that Pronger is improving and that he will be ready for the playoffs. Nobody knows.

But I think it's entirely possible that he is indeed improving but Holmgren isn't telling anyone. I mean, why would he? It's in everyone's best interest to just tow the company line that Pronger is done for the season and there's no updates. That way, the media isn't whipped up into a frenzy, the players continue to know that it's on them to get the job done and Pronger won't be there to save the day, and if it does in fact work out that Pronger returns for the playoffs then it's a huge boost to the team and a great surprise for the fans.

If Holmgren works it correctly, Pronger being done till the playoffs could actually be a huge benefit for our team. With Pronger on LTIR, we pick up cap space and can acquire a more expensive player without moving any significant pieces. Once the playoffs come around though, there is no salary cap.

At any rate, I'm not saying he's coming back... I'm just saying that I have a hunch he's not done yet. And a comeback is certainly possible.
Interesting...I still think the Flyers are BSing just to keep the media away. Keep in mind that with this being a +35 contract, the league will be watching out for any attempt at cap circumvention. The Flyers will have to prove he's not capable of playing. This isn't a great situation for the Flyers because if he does want to play once healthy, the $5 million cap hit comes right back. If they do go out and get someone like Weber who gets $7 million a year, they'll have to make a ton of changes to shed salary.

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