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01-11-2012, 09:42 AM
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The thing that gets me about the whole situation is: what are they waiting for?

Nashville is not going to turn into Chicago, Detroit, Boston or Vancouver overnight. We're a damn fine team that can give anyone fits, will almost always make the playoffs, and if all the pieces come together, may make a run for the cup.

The problem is, you can't predict when the pieces are going to come together or what the pieces might be. Even if we went out and signed two superstar forwards, it's no guarantee that we compete for a cup, nor is it any guarantee that we even make the playoffs. Sometimes "slam dunk" moves fail badly. That's not to say that it doesn't increase the chances, but hockey history is filled with "can't miss" teams that missed.

So, I'm not sure what magical move Suter and Weber are waiting on. They should be able to sit down with Poile for a heart-to-heart, and then based on his responses (and offer) decide whether Nashville is a place they want to be or not. If the answer is yes, get the deal done. If the answer is no, make it known that you're not interested in signing and tell Poile to start shopping you.

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