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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
let me ask you this, CP...

if Gauthier traded Gomez to Carolina for Spacek, who do you think would be getting "robbed"?

I don't think anyone has tried to argue that trading away Spacek was a problem... his level of play had dropped considerably, and he was at best a bottom-pairing dman getting paid ~4M$.

in a non-cap world, Kaberle for Spacek would have been a good trade.

but you are seemingly ignoring the 2 years/9M$ difference btw the two players.

as much as you and others seem to want to completely ignore that there is a cap system in place and that this has a huge impact on player movement, ignoring it doesn't eliminate it.

Canes were trying to unload Kaberle to anyone who would take him, we obliged, and instead of getting some kind of "bonus" for taking all of the risk that he would continue to play as poorly as he did for them (or for the bruins down the stretch... basically as a bottom-pairing, soft, PP specialist), we GAVE the Canes an expiring contract.

for 2/3 of 1 season, we get the "advantage" of a bottom-pairing dman who can contribute some pts on the pp (compared to Spacek, a bottom pairing dman with minimal offensive contributions), and then for the next 2 years the Canes get the "advantage" of NOT having to pay Kaberle 4.25M$ to do what MAB (and several other pp specialists) does for 1-2M$.

it was a dumb trade even if we got the slightly better player in the process... thus is the reality of a cap system.
The extra 2 years is a non issue if Kaberle keeps playing at the level he is at now...12 points his last 14 games and +1 playing on crappy teams. I'm sure we would have no issue finding takers at the deadline or in the summer if we want to move him. Before doing that, I'd make sure Markov is back at 100%.

Comparing him to MAB is ridiculous, 5 on 5 he is miles ahead of MAB. He isn't great defensively but he is AT LEAST NHL average and can easily play #3-4 minutes.

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