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01-11-2012, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
I got something to throw out that i have not seen anyone really get into.

The contract details with Suter and Weber have been going on for awhile. The Preds knew this day was coming. If i was the GM of the team i think that the concerns of Weber and Suter would have been known behind closed doors before free agency last year. Why do yall think that Poile is now trying to get these two guys to hold on and see what happens after the season this year? Why was there no effort to add top guys over the summer to improve the team and why is Poile now saying give me a chance after this season. Did they think Bergfors, Smith, and Ellis would change their mind on the future of the team or is this Poile's high likelyhood of playing chicken which could blow up in his face?
I'm not 100% sold that Weber/Suter's sole motivation for not signing at this point is "waiting for improvement". It's very possible both of these guys just want to test FA. Maybe they just both want to play in a bigger spotlight. Maybe they want the UFA megabucks.

Let's face it, with young players like Smith, Wilson, Ellis, Josi - it's not hard to see this team has a bright future probably sooner than later. If we're waiting on impact forwards, for the first time in a long time (maybe ever except for Rads), we might have 2 on our roster (wilson, smith), just give them a little time to learn the ropes.

All DP can do is put together a competitive offer (and I have no reason to believe that we haven't), and if they don't want to sign, so be it.

As for FA, I was one clamoring for a signing, and so far alot of the guys I wanted have been hit (Fleishmann, Cole) or miss (Gagne, a bunch of others). I don't know that anyone that was an FA would have moved the meter enough if Weber/Suter's sole motivation was to land other impact players.

Wouldn't it be funny if they go all the way to FA, and then the biggest offer just happens to be ours with all our capspace?

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