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01-11-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
Last year was last year. Call me jaded or negative but I get little satisfaction anymore on a tournament like that where there's maybe two or three decent teams and the rest roadkill. I put little or no stock that success there will translate to the NHL.

No disrespect intended to the drafting, the prospects or the Caps minor league systems...but I've changed. I used to get excited by the success of prospects, or teams like Hershey, etc...but with all that success hitting a brick wall at the NHL level, it's hard to keep doing that. The Caps have had a parade of highly touted prospects come through that tournament but have nothing to show for it at the only level that really matters. I'll get thrilled when the big club decides to stop underachieving overall and take things a little more seriously.
You just completely contradicted yourself in this post.

In the previous post, you bashed Kuznetsov for not showing up when it mattered most in the WJCs. In this post, when confronted with an example of Kuznetsov carrying his team when it matters most, you say the WJCs don't matter. Make up your mind.

I really fail to recall this "parade of highly touted prospects" that have come through that tournament and failed at the NHL level. Care to enlighten me?

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