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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I don't understand why you think that no news is bad news...

This organization has proven in the past that they like to be very secretive regarding player health... most teams do.

From Marc Staal's surprising comeback in the Classic (which the media didn't get wind of till gameday) to Pronger having a "virus" then a knee thing, then a concussion, etc.

It isn't in the Flyers best interest to update us on anything.

Say HYPOTHETICALLY that Pronger is making progress and there's a chance he makes it back for the playoffs. What does Holmgren's team gain from making that announcement publicly?


What are the risks?

1. When the team hears this, they will undoubtedly be excited. If Pronger in fact doesn't end up making it back, it will be a huge let down to the team. Likewise, when your star player goes down and players KNOW he's done for the season, it motivates them to step up (see Carle,Matt). If the team was updated that Pronger was making progress, would we see that same extra level of effort from everyone else?

2. The league is more likely to block a potential Flyers trade that uses all of the Flyers' LTIR space. If the Flyers say Pronger might be back for the playoffs (when there is no cap) but then make a trade that puts them over the salary cap in the hopes of having both players play in the playoffs, it seems like cap circumvention. It looks like we essentially stashed a star player on LTIR longer than necessary to get around the cap. I'm not saying the league would block anything, but there's a chance.

In short, what I'm saying is that Holmgren isn't stupid. He may make some questionable moves @ times, but he knows how to handle the media and use it to his advantage and it makes no sense (regardless of what's happening w/ Chris) to give updates on his condition.
real talk.

Those moves are only "questionable" here on these forums...In the real world (and behind closed doors) the organization has a rationale for each of those moves, and understands a locker room/hockey season a lot better than the posters here.

See: Lilja, Andreas

Did Holmgren predict Pronger would get a concussion?

But he did prepare for it, and people here just dont get that.
(and for just 2 years @ $737,500)

Not nearly as big a signing as people made it out to be, and now its looking like a smart SAFE bet.

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