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Originally Posted by Habitant#1 View Post
You just love to put words in peoples mouths and overreact don't you?

Compared to some of the other D we've had over the years like Komo, Bouillon, Hamrlik, Wiz, Emelin, etc., Markov was comparatively soft yes. Didn't stop him from being my favorite player, but he certainly wasn't a physical force out there.
My point is that Kaberle has redefined my definition of soft. The guy doesnt even go for the obvious routine hits and goes out of his way to avoid contact. Therefore I *used* to think Markov was soft, but not anymore.

Again, give your own head a shake. Harder this time maybe.
Just because a guy doesn't run around and hit everything that moves doesn't make him soft.

Being soft is not being willing to take a hit to make a play, bailing out and things like that. Most of the guys you named didn't have to take 1/3 of the hits Markov took because they were not carrying the puck all the time or playing big minutes.

Gionta is about as far from soft as one can be, but we still have "know it alls" on here calling him soft or at least alluring to it. They seem to associate big with tough and small with soft when in fact most fuys at 5'6" to 5'9" had to be tough just to make the NHL. Guys taht are 5'8" and soft never get drafted or signed by NHL teams.

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