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"Dale Weise – all 6-foot-2, 210-pounds of him – proved the perfect embodiment of this mindset. After backing out of a fight with the 6-foot-2, 217-pound Thornton, Weise looked like a less-than-honorable figure after he’d given all the telltale signs he was ready for a round of fisticuffs. Never mind that Weise has engaged in six NHL fights this season versus Thornton’s 10, and that it appeared both players were properly matched up in the same weight class. Weise became the picture of exactly what the Boston hockey fan abhors most: cowardice and lack of accountability.
Well we no know hes completely wrong on this part. It should be

"Shawn Thornton - all 6-foot-2 217-pounds of him - proved the perfect disgust of this mindset. After butting in a fight of 6-foot-2, 210-pound Weise, Thornton made punched a hole to his "honourable fighter" title that he claimed he was
when he dropped the gloves on Weise right in the middle of beginning of an altercation with another Bruins player Adam Mcquaid. Nevermind that Weise has already fought Nathan Horton that game, Weise was purposefully made to look like a "coward" when he choose to back off from an unexpected drop of gloves by Thornton. Not only that the one that called himself "a guy with class" Thornton purposely told the media that Weise backed off a fight against him and chose to make a mockery out of it, even his teammate told the media it was a misunderstanding. Thornton is the picture of exactly what Boston hockey fans abhors the most: cowardice and lack of accountability."

Just overall a disgusting and heavily biased analysis.

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