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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
I've used the Tacki-Macs and personally they're way too thick for me. It both made the grip too big and deadened the feeling of the puck a bit. I do know they came out with thinner ones though and I imagine those are an improvement.

If you're willing to buy one just to try it I'd say give the Tacki-Mac a shot and decide for yourself. The grip on your stick is always completely personal preference.

(I switched to using SportsTape Guaze tape exclusively. Tacky and thin but without the goop from tape to ruin your glove palms.)
same...i use tennis raquet wrap have to try it out if you like that self stick guaze...its like $4 for 2 rolls (each roll with mostlikey get you 2 wraps)...they last forever, are "tacki", and i dont have to replace my gloves every 2mos. now...i think its the "over wrap" that i use, but its just the really thin stuff and not those wraps with the foam stuff to make it thicker

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