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A couple of additional notes in bold...

Originally Posted by walsy37 View Post
He traded all of those guys but not all of his trades were terrible. My recollection is a few really good trades, some that were terrible at the time and some that turned out beyond terrible. Also, right before he was about to be fired, he had a trade in place to trade Roy for Stefan Fiset. Oh and his drafting was pretty much terrible in the 90's aside from Koivu. These are from what I remember

Damphouse to Habs for Shayne Corson, Vladmir Vujtek and Brent Ghilcrist to Oilers
Bellows to Habs for Russ Courtnall
Gary Leeman for Brian Skrudland
Muller to Habs with Rollie Melanson for Tom Chorske and Stephane Richer
(these 4 trades were key to the Habs cup run in 93)
Muller Traded from Montreal Canadiens with Craig Darby and Mathieu Schneider to New York Islanders for Vladimir Malakhov and Pierre Turgeon
Robbed Leafs by trading them Kordic for Courtnall

Claude Lemieux to Devils for Sylvain Turgeon
Chris Chellios AND a fricking 2nd rounder to Hawks for Dennis Savard
Carboneau for Jim Montgomery
Bellows for Marc Bureau
Peter Svoboda for Kevin Haller

Ended up Losers
Leclair, Dionne and Dejardin for Rechi
Savard build a strong team that won 2 Cups but had a lot of luck during these two Cup years. Many of the powerhouse teams were upset in the playoffs in '86 and '93 and we got outstanding goaltending from Roy.

Our drafting kept getting worse during Savard's tenure. I also remember reading that Habs scouting staff under Savard didn't interview players prior to the draft. This was pure arrogance on Savard's part. He thought that the Montreal Canadiens were above interviewing because they were superior in evaluating the talent. This was a horrible practice and it showed in the Habs drafts in the late 80's/early 90's.

No thanks to Savard as GM even in an interim capacity. I'm not a Gauthier fan (poor leader) but at least he's been around the game and is up on the current environment (salary cap, New NHL, etc).

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