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Originally Posted by AngryBoss View Post
It depends on the kids interest.
But I would say by the age of 12, the child will either want it or they won't.
If they don't, then pushing them is wrong as they'll more than likely end up hating the sport.

I've seen so many teenagers that refuse to put on a pair of skates because one, or both of their parents pushed way too hard for them to make it.
My kid has been on the ice since he was 1. We just wanted him to try hockey for the activity level, discipline and physical fitness.

We have seen kids quit along the way, or even sadder in our eyes, settle for a lower level of play when they clearly could play at a higher level.

Every time we thought our kid was ready to step up to the next level, we gave him the choice. He has chosen every time to try out for better teams.

The first time he tried out for a truly elite team, he did not make the roster, but a week or so later a spot opened up and my son was offered the spot. That was 3 years ago, and since then we have given him the option of looking at other teams, and he has said he has found his home.

He loves his coaches, loves his teammates and he is developing beyond our expectations.

Sure we pushed along the way, but he also pushed himself. We have seen parents push their kids too much, but we have also seen parents give up too soon.

After all this time, I'm glad I wasn't one of those parents that rode his kid too hard, but I'm also glad I didn't just sit back and be happy watching him play house, or travel. His team moved from top ten Tier 2 last year to Tier 1 this year and they are pushing themselves like never before, I couldn't be more proud of the path he's taken.

And yea, I'll take a little credit for getting him skates when was 1 year and 1 month old

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