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11-06-2003, 11:29 PM
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Players have made position changes throughout the history of the NHL and it is not out of the ordinary Smytty had to aswell. People are making it seems as though he is going in as the goalie the way they make excuses. If he can't do it then don't try. He himself said he offered to do it and would continue doing it. He doesn't have the skills necessary. Not a skilled enough passer, not enough vision, his strengths are not in the center of the ice. Their numbers are so misleading. Hemsky and Smyth combined for 10 of 16 points on the pp. Any Oiler would have hose numbers if playing on the pp all the time. OIf course Hemsky is leading - he quarterbacks the pp and has more second assists than anyone else. They have not even been close to the best players on the ice since opening night when if I'm not mistaken Smyth and Hemsky each had 3 points. 3 of 7 points for Smyth - 3 of 9 for Hemsky. One big game and many average ones.

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