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01-11-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Eaglepride View Post
Konopka, Godard, Orr and now BigMac I*'m sure with our *****hockey style Holland is going to pass again on the best fighter on the market which is such a shame.

If some teams are serious about getting tougher (Sabres, Nucks, Leafs?) they'd better put in a claim this guy is FEARED.

Pens are making a huge mistake here hope it bites em back. Its a shame seeing all the great guys gone and rats taking over our beloved game, sure the greenpeace crowd will be happy, die hard hockeyfans on the other hand sad.

Come back soon Smack this league needs you.
How are the Pens making a mistake? The guy was useless here. I like MacIntyre, and liked him signing with Pittsburgh, but nobody wants to fight him and he was not effective at all as a player. Pittsburgh can't afford to dress MacIntyre on a nightly basis because with the team injuries, we need every effective player as possible. You make it sound like the Pens don't want him. Shero wanted to sign him for a couple years before he finally did this past summer. And it's also not like we completely got rid of him, maybe Shero thinks nobody will claim him and he can still be in the organization and recalled when the team's a little healthier.

Originally Posted by Eaglepride View Post
This so called horrible skater still made it to the NHL so I guess he can skate better than everyone on this board. He may not be as good as some other NHL players but still compared to us I'm sure he is lightyears ahead.

How about giving these guys some respect? Rather see some pests waived instead of fan favourites.
I have respect for these guys, they are team players. Laraque was a great Penguin, Godard was a great guy on this team and I'm hoping MacIntyre gets the chance to do the same. Believe me, most Pens fans appreciate toughness.

But like KneelbeforeNeal said,

Originally Posted by KneelbeforeNeal View Post
I'm sorry, but I'd rather have GMs not have to waste a valuable roster spot or cap space on guys that are only able to fight. Players who can actually play can be the ones to stand up and to get into fights. It's stupid to dress a tough guy just to fight the other team's tough guy who only dressed because your team's tough guy is dressing.
Pens have players like Asham and Engelland that can step up and fight, MacIntyre spends most of his games in the press box, or getting 7 minutes a night with no challengers to fight him. If he goes to WBS, he will have challengers and ice time. So really, I know you are a huge MacIntyre fan, but you should look at this as a great oppurtunity for him to get some ice time and some scraps in the AHL. Steve MacIntyre will be in the NHL again, maybe as a Pittsburgh Penguin this season.

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