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Originally Posted by clmetsfan View Post
I think people tend to get over-enamored with snarl from a defenseman because it's just so much damn fun to watch a guy dish out some punishment for going into the crease. And while every team needs toughness, at the end of the day, a technically sound, well-rounded defenseman is the better player to keep around, and that's what Stralman is.

When Sauer or Eminger comes back, I'd send Bickel back down to Hartford to continue working on his game, and call him first the next time we need someone. Woywitka can be the 7th until both Sauer and Eminger are healthy, and then re-evaluate Eminger and Stralman for that role when the time comes.
Bickel cannot go to Hartford witout beign placed on waivers. And looking at these 10 games, I have a hard time believing that he woudl make it through. Young, inexpensive, tough 3rd pairing defensemen are sought by teams looking to upgrade their team.

This has nothing to do with having fun watching someone clear the crease. But Ranger fans as a whole constantly bemoan not having ever replaced Beuk. Isn't that what led to drafting Mclgrath? Stralman my be more technically sound. But at this point, he is what he is. Bickel stands to improve. Again, I happen to like Stralman's play this year and think that he gets underrated. But I just like what I see from Bickel and do not want to loose him.

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