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01-12-2012, 09:00 AM
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I am surprised there is so little talk about Brayden Schenn. Since he's come back from his concussion, I think he has been very, very good for this team - even before that, he was showing flashes and wasn't a liability on the ice. Individual performances I predict for the second half:

Schenn - Will surely have his ups and downs, but I think he could end with a .7 PPG or something along those lines. I love his game and hope he's sticking around for the long haul.

Read/Talbot - Will both cool off offensively (Talbot moreso than Read) but will remain valuable players at both ends of the ice. I could see Read being dangled during the deadline.

Couturier - If he's not there already, will reach untouchable status and continue to improve his offensive game. I've never been so impressed with an 18 year-old defensively, and he's been producing pretty well on the 4th line. HUGE hopes for him in the future.

Briere - Will still slump according to his career numbers, but will, like always, be up for the playoffs.

JVR - Will continue to struggle. Whether it's his hip, his mind, etc., he won't produce like we were expecting at the beginning of the year. Could be the centerpiece of a deadline deal for a big d-man to replace Prongs.

Voracek - I can easily see him going on a tear. I'm a big fan of his game and really, REALLY hope we don't trade him.

Giroux/Hartnell/Jagr - Will continue to produce, albeit at a possibly lower rate. Still see Giroux taking the Art Ross #HOMER

Kimmo - Will continue being the heart and soul of the D.

Coburn/Carle/MAB - Will continue to frustrate us with inconsistency.

Mez - I see him having a big improvement in the second half. Maybe close to a return to form last year, although I personally don't think he's been horrible this year.

Lilja - No comment.

Bob - Will continue to be very solid and could spark a big debate for the offseason.

Bryz - Will struggle, but I can see him picking it up at the end of the year. Will start the playoffs in the #1 spot, but who knows how long he will retain it.

Overall: I expect us to finish #4/#5 in the East, win in round 1, lose in round 2. I would say the team has definitely exceeded my expectations so far (I thought they would be #6-8 or possibly out of the playoffs).

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