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Not sure why some people are blasting the idea of Savard returning as a president or a GM for this franchise. Savard's long time relationship with the Molson family is well known and i doubt very much that Savard would have lost all his hockey knowledge. You don't lose your ability to judge talent because you left the hockey world... Let's speculate and say that Savard become the Gm. We all know that he would be smart enough to hire an assistant who would update him on various issues. I'm not seeing this as a problem per se. I'm gonna add that since Serge Savard, there was very few successful GM aside, maybe, Andre savard...

You, guys, need a MAJOR overhaul as the same as Boston did a few years ago. Some fans are totally in love with Timmins but quite franckly, the results are not very good. Price, Plekanec and Subban were very good selection but... when you look at other teams read Boston, they have 4 drafted players ( Bergeron, Krecji, Marchand and Lucic ) in their top 6. I would say that, at least, two of them are impact players. Biggest problem when you don't have depth or the farm system to fill your needs is that you have to overpay on the UFA market. Rangers, a few years ago, were a prime example on how things can turn sour quickly when you rely on the UFA market to " build " your team.

Molson have a lot of decision to make and i think that if he's really serious about building a top contender, he will be willing to eat a TON of money by burying Gomez in the minors and maybe buy out some contracts. Still can't believe that Gauthier traded for Kaberle abd his backloaded contract... Don't think that i doesn't feel your pain. My Bruins were stuck in that s***-o-rama pattern for years before the Chiarelli era. I'm on the " good " side on the fence now but it took 2-3 very bad years and a good drafting process to get out of it...

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