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01-12-2012, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ForeverAlone View Post
Darche doesn't work the way Plekanec and Cammalleri do. Darche's job hockey-wise is much more simpler than the latter's. That's why he's paid less.

When the players and the coach keep on saying that they need to work harder is because they either have absolutely no idea what else to do to find a solution or it's simply a waste of time and too long to come up with an elaborate hockey answer. It's an easy pre-fabricated answer in time of difficulty.

What's happening on the ice with the habs is pretty simple:

There's no confidence at all, so they freeze instead of playing because they're afraid to make the mistake that will cost the game. And that's why they look like they aren't trying. When the opposing team plays better than them and seem as hungry or even more hungry for the puck, they panic and play even worse. When the game is open and the neutral zone is a figure skating rink, the habs play much better.

Turnovers happen all the time in hockey, sometimes they end up in your net, some nights more often than not. But the team crumbles in pieces when it happens, because they have zero confidence that they can get it back and still be in the game. Mostly because the powerplay is absolutely non-existant, so it makes it easier for them to lose hope in a game.
All I am saying is instead of puting blunden there, he should put Darche, he works much better and he deserves it more.

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