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Originally Posted by Anniversary View Post
Mason Raymond is like if you took one of those movies where the runt of the litter grows up to become the leader of the pack and try that story in reality. Raymond is Babe the pig living out a fantasy where there's no talking spiders to help him play hockey.
Babe wasn't helped out by a talking spider...that was Wilbur.

Raymond is a good hockey player that can play on any team in the league. He has good speed, is a great PKer and given the large number of chances he will pop in 20 goals or so.

That said in the past 12 months through acquisitions and player growth he has slipped behind Higgins, Booth, and Hansen IMO. He's also falling behind Hodgson. So, Raymond is the expendable forward IMO and a guy that could be moved. I still say, however, you have to be careful. You can't simply go out and get grit or size. That grit and size also has to contribute on some of the areas that Raymond does better.

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