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Originally Posted by charlamov71 View Post
Well to start, he is the highest scoring player for the leafs ever. Captained the team for 10 years. 25th all time in points and constantly playing on a bad to average team. His best winger must have been Alex Mogilny, he did never play with a Yashin, Heatley, Spezza, Hull, Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan, Zetteberg or Datsyuk. The leafs were just never good enough to win a cup and its not easy to accomplish anything on a bad team.

And quiet? He strikes me as a very outgoing person, more so than Lidstrom and Alfie. Joe Sakic is considered one of the best captains of all time and he was a pretty quiet and calm guy.
Why mixing up his point production with his leadership skills? I simply don't get this.

Talking only points I believe he had his highest point production seasons before becoming the Captain of the Leafs.

Saying it again: I love Mats Sundin but I just don't think he was the perfect Captain for Toronto.

Joe Sakic is probably outspoken comparing to most Swedes but you have a point. ;-)

There will always be exceptions, of course there are calm quiet people who have good leadership skills.

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