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01-12-2012, 11:27 AM
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Pretty sure some of these posts are just misogynistic trolling, but, I'll have my stab at it as a hockey-playing female.

Most programs go with the lowest common denominator: no checking. It's just easier to go with that, given the proportion of folks who began playing as a adults and don't have a handle on how to give and absorb good, clean checks. It's no knock against them: from a liability and practical standpoint, it's just easier to let it be no checking. That isn't to say there's no contact: there's plenty. Lots of shoving, getting body position on people, elbowing people out of the way, etc.

I played high school girls' hockey in MA between 2002-2005. We had checking. Everyone was fine. No problems. Some of the toughest checkers were the smallest girls out there--short, but stout and strong enough on their skates to toss tall girls like me. I don't know if that is currently allowed or if rules changes were made. Also, I know they vary state-to-state. Recently I joined a women's program, and I do non-contact coed pick-up. In theory, neither have contact, in practice, that's far from the truth. I also started adult drop-in pickup games that are pretty much "anything goes." People will hit people they know, or at least trust can take the hits. Thus far, I haven't give or taken any hits. I would have no problem if I did get hit.

Point is, you use your discretion. I know the rink director where I play recently came down hard on people that were throwing massive hits in the coed league. He even suspended some of them. Some rinks and programs have different policies than others--just get a feel for them and the people you're playing with.

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