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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Sensitive much? These guys are grown men who have said a lot worse things to and about one another on the ice. Get over it. It was a dumb comment and he shouldn't say things like that to the media keep it on the ice, but don't act like some choir boy who doesn't realize that at times grown men act like kids and throw insults at each other.

For christs sake man, a player asked Subban if he slipped on a banana peel You think he won't ever play on a team with a black player now?
Ok...lets forget that Avery was an A-hole to Phaneuf. Lets just go with Avery is an A-hole period. No, i'm not sensative at all, just don't want Avery on the Leafs as he doesn't improve the team...OK?

Why would Burke add a guy who takes the dumbest penalties to a team with the worst PK?

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