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Originally Posted by TheFinalWord
Originally Posted by AdmiralPred
Anyway, I can name 6 guys off the top of my head who were in Nagano for the bungelow busting.
It is really too bad that all of the American hockey players were painted with the hooligan brush. It is widely known that the three players responsible for the damage were Tkachuk, Guerin and Leclair. It's only too bad that they didn't come forward and apologize. Things were blown out of proportion because they were cowards.
I forgot about Guerin. Just remember that Roenick was NOT named in the incident. I do remember Roenick speaking out about it and saying that he wasn't going to rat out the guys who did it.

To clarify my statement above, I can name 6 guys off the top of my head who are on the 2006 team that were in Nagano, and Tkachuk is playing pretty good so far this year, but I still would have left him and one of Modano or Guerin home, but these are the guys who won silver in Salt Lake.

Personally, I think the U.S. should have gone with some youth, get fans accustomed to to the up and comming names maybe even throw Kessel on the team, but he was busted for underaged drinking so no one would want ot root for the U.S. then. The way I see it, I don't think that the U.S. will get to the medal round this time around with the NHL vets, so why not give the opportunity to some newer/younger guys.

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