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01-12-2012, 12:22 PM
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This is my 3rd year with a liner style rink and it works great.

I found 41 Nice Rink brackets on kijiji and built a 32' X 56' rink. The first year I bought a white tarp liner for just under $200. You only get 1 season out of that kind of liner. Last year I bought a $450 NiceRink liner and it's lasted 2 seasons. I'm not sure that I'll get a 3rd season out of it. Storing the liner during the off-season is a real PITA. Shovels, skates, pucks, and even mice can really take its toll on a liner.

If you go the liner route, expect to buy a new one every season. Think of it as buying a season's pass to your own backyard rink. A lot less frustration that way.

I have a fairly uneven spot where I put the rink. It looks flat, but the water is actually about 16" deep on one end and about 4-6" deep at the shallow end. It has been completely frozen solid since Dec. 23. The ice is in excellent shape and has been since then. There have only been a couple of warm days where we didn't skate because there was a thin layer of water from the warm temps. But that layer froze as soon as the temp dropped and basically made a nice surface.

I have used a rink-rake in the past, but this year I just used a garden hose nozzle set on a fine misting spray. It works way better! I just start in one corner and by the time I've walked to the other side of the rink, the spot where I started is frozen. It only takes about 30 minutes or so to resurface like this and the results are awesome. I have friends that have had great success with the plastic garbage can full of water dump and flood style as well. I prefer my way.

We have 3 kids and they are on the ice whenever they can be. They're all in hockey programs and the rink gives them a place to practice the stuff that they really need to learn, like stickhandling, deking, and just plain goofing off!

I'll try to answer anybody's questions as well. It takes a while to truly figure out your backyard rink. The first year I spent WAY too much time on it. This year, it almost takes care of itself. Cheers!

Found a pic.

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