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11-07-2003, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
The Oilers move on to Toronto. It woulod seem logical that a deal would be made and any excess players would be left in TO. For example, if the get a centre in a Comrie deal, sarno could stay behind in TO. Anyways, I'll be happy to see this things resolved but as long as the Oilers are winning, I can wait a little longer.
With Lowe out of town (last seen talking to Atlanta) and not talking to Comrie I don't see anything happening soon. Lowe might arrange a trade but that doesn't guarantee Comrie automatically signs. My guess is there are still items to be negotiated.

Sarno seems to be playing well, why leave him in TO? Maybe they can thrown in Horcoff in whatever deal is made? For that matter, why wait for a Comrie deal to unload Horcoff?