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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
He's overstepped his bounds, but let's not forget that the Oilers were made to even things out and to take responsibility for what actually happened. It is not like he made it up or it was just the Doughty situation set him off. There is no need to re-hash memories. Everyone takes hardships differently, but it is not like it came out of thin air. LA was forced to give up one of their best wingers for practically free and the Oilers didn't make it any easier.
I agree the Oilers didn't make it easy. No doubt about it.

But the bolded part is wrong. Before the hearing the Oilers offered to cover a few thousand in hospital bills. In a 100 million dollar a year business this is like me dropping a dollar to a guy sitting on the street with his hand out.

As you say he overstepped and now he has apologized. I'll wait to see if he does it to your beat writer who covered this whole fiasco.

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