Thread: On the Radio: Dean Lombardi on Team 1260
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01-12-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil View Post
I agree the Oilers didn't make it easy. No doubt about it.

But the bolded part is wrong. Before the hearing the Oilers offered to cover a few thousand in hospital bills. In a 100 million dollar a year business this is like me dropping a dollar to a guy sitting on the street with his hand out.

As you say he overstepped and now he has apologized. I'll wait to see if he does it to your beat writer who covered this whole fiasco.
He already did.......... And you said it yourself, it is nothing, they snubbed their noses like they did nothing wrong and threw a couple bucks in his face like a snob to a distressed waiter. It was the principle of the matter, not the money involved.


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